Grain elevator service: grain drying, conditioning, storage, grain and oilseed export, bread and cereals production, animal feeds production
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VTI-15 drying unit
Capacity – up to 300 metric tons/24 hours
Suitable for grain and oilseed drying, including corn, barley and wheat grains.
100 rubles/ton/%
Grain conditioning and removal of impurities.
BIS-100 separators.
Capacity 150 metric tons per hour
Our farmers and customers sell best quality corn, wheat, barley, oats and other grains in conformity to the most stringent standards.
80 rubles/ton/%
Grain and oilseed storage
45 000 metric tons in tower silos
18 000 metric tons in conveyor-assisted grain bins
A certified laboratory, grain indicators control for conformity to GOST, evaluation of protein, gluten, moisture, impurities content, falling number, fat, acidity and peroxide index.
3,33 rubles/ton/24 hours
Receipt and shipment capacity – 2400 metric tons per 24 hours;
3 railroad tracks, max capacity – 100 carriages, max carriages placed ready for shipment - 7;
2 own shunting locomotives;
A railroad weighing bridge (150 metric tons), truck scales (80 metric tons);
from 150 rub/ton–receipt, 250 rub/ton–shipment.
Output – 2500 metric tons/month
An own facility for production of extruded feeds.
Selling animal and bird feeds 24/7.
Extruded wheat, corn, barley, rye, triticale, full fat soy.
from 4000 rubles/ton for processing.
Open and transparent for farmers and customers
We will cooperate with you to monitor the receipt, conditioning, storage and shipment of your products
Drying with max capacity of 300 tons/24 hours
We will ensure that your grain conforms to export requirements and condition the grain to the best quality parameters
Certified laboratory
A complete set of tests for grains, oilseeds and seeds
Direct access to buyers
We have partnered with end consumers, brokers, traders and exchanges that are willing to buy grain directly from the manufacturers or from the grain elevator
Advantageous location
50 km to the Russia-Belarus border, direct access to Ust-Luga and Saint Petersburg sea ports, proximity to the regions rich in agricultural materials
Extruded feeds and grains
We make sure that grains and feeds are totally safe for consumption and retain all valuable nutrients. If you wish to buy feeds, our feed production facility is at your service at any time you like
A.N. Belokopytov
We would like to express our gratitude to Bread Base 47 for their professional attitude and promptness. This company has always proved that they are reliable partners with a great potential for resolving challenges. We are happy to have chosen Bread Base 47 and are willing to continue our successful cooperation.
A.N. Belokopytov
Kozinsky Greenhouse Complex LLC Senior Sales Manager
Zarechnoe LLC
Zarechnoe LLC has been cooperating with Bread Base 47 since September 7, 2015. We would like to extend our sincere thanks for your professional attitude and care about your partners. Our needs and requirements changed over time, we started a number of projects, and your close-knit team of professionals was always there to help. We are looking forward to continuing our mutually beneficial cooperation.
Zarechnoe LLC
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